About Me

I grew up around computers and built my first one upgrading an IBM XT system to a 386. Years later I discovered a passion for data security after graduating from Syracuse University in 2005 and landing my first job. I've built an amazing (though often challenging) profession for myself while helping companies develop their security posture - sometimes with a little bit of hand holding, other times with a big stick.

Contact Details

David Scovetta
New York, NY



Syracuse University

Bachelor of Arts May 2005


Senior IT Security Analyst 2011 - Present

My present role. By leveraging various technologies and a wide array of global security expertise, I keep my finger on the security pulse by reviewing signs of cyber attack, malware, and data leakage across our threat management program. I also produce intelligent and easy-to-follow reporting so that business operations can resource appropriately in the face of the ever-changing business landscape - for example, evolving threat patterns and mercurial regulatory environments. I also conduct weekly training seminars to share basic security principles and explore recent cyber security topics with them. If enthusiasm is at all contagious, I can safely say that these folks walked away with a little more interest in what's going on in the big bad cyber world and how they can protect themselves - and in that, how they can protect the firm.

Information Security Program Manager 2011

I assisted the overarching Security strategies that were proposed by our top brass. I designed strategies for identifying, assessing, monitoring, and reporting security and operational risks. Measured the reported efficiency of security & risk programs, and documented exceptions. Liaised with internal teams to develop training programs on relevant policies and procedures. And lastly, developed and communicated IT standards and policies.

Information Security Analyst 2007 - 2011

I worked alongside a dedicated (and incredibly talented) team of information security officers aligned to our business units, and advised on security matters in day-to-day business operations. My particular focus was to drive the patch management program across our infrastructure - 200,000+ Windows/Unix systems - and to ensure that IT challenges were swiftly resolved. The program reduced non-patched populations to less than 1/10th of mandated tolerance levels while facing severe resource constraints, an unprecedented volume of announced vulnerabilities, and significant population increases (+60%) due to business reorganizations. I still am particularly proud of the success this program had.

Technical Specialist 2005 - 2007

Ah, my introduction to the corporate world. I was hired to support the infrastructure of the retail branch environment - workstations, servers, ATM systems, routers, etc... I was also responsible for drating technical schematics and product diagrams. Beyond this, I suppose you could say I had an "aggressive curiosity" in exploring the various groups that supported the technology of such an enormous financial system - which led to my involvement in various compliance efforts (such as the infamous "clean desk" policy) and project management efforts. In 2006 I assisted the deployment of survey kiosks to branches nationwide.

Teaching Assistant 2004 - 2005

• Conducted weekly classes reviewing lectures, assignments, and textbook material.